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Antique Armenian Embroideries

   Founded in 2017, Aramara Scarves is specializing in making scarves with Armenian themes and ornaments.

    Initially, we drew our inspiration from the block printed fabrics that served as linings for illuminated manuscripts (XI-XVII) taken from the album “Armenian Block Printed Fabrics” by Armen Kyurkchyan. Besides, traditional architectural elements have served another source of inspiration to us.

     Moreover, ornamental scripts also grabbed our attention and we have started working on a collection of scarves each featuring a single letter. The illustrations with beautiful, stunning and unique characters bring a really fun touch to the scarves, also making it an exceptional gift.

     ARAMARA always tries to combine modern and traditional designs, so that to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage that Armenians owe.

     However, traditional ornaments are not the only source of the brand’s inspiration. For instance, they have a special line featuring renowned Armenian painter Grigor Khanjyan’s artworks. ARAMARA  rendered not only his works, but also his working tools – palettes, brushes, painting knifes.  It is a big honor and responsibility to reproduce Khanjyan’s art legacy.

     The brand’s latest limited collection of scarves features prints of antique Armenian embroideries. The embroideries are taken from the collection owned by Narek Van Ashughatoyan. Many of those pieces were rescued by exiles during Genocide, so besides the aesthetic part, every embroidered piece has a story behind it making them very powerful and unique. The variety of techniques and colors of embroideries make the creative process more interesting and absorbing. 

    Whether tied around your neck, shoulders, wrist or hair, or fastened to your bag… With all those endless options we hope that our scarves help you create your unique style and bring you delight, meanwhile recalling Armenian cultural heritage.

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